Kaerik RagaMuffins

Welcome to Kaerik RagaMuffins! We are located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Kaerik Rags is a small RagaMuffin breeder located in Southeastern Pennsylvania where all RagaMuffin kittens are raised with lots of love and handling. We love to play with our babies! We breed floppy, sweet RagaMuffin Kittens. Our kittens are reserved quickly, so contact us to submit an application so that you can reserve your RagaMuffin kitten(s) (non-refundable deposit required to reserve your kitten). We also work with several other RagaMuffin breeders if we do not have what you are looking for, we are happy to refer you to another reputable RagaMuffin cat breeder .

We selectively breed for health and temperament, as they are our highest priority. In order to ensure the health of our RagaMuffin cats and kittens, we test our breeding cats for FeLV, FIV and the Ragdoll mutation for HCM, so we are comfortable that they are healthy and will produce healthy offspring. All our RagaMuffin breeding cats or their lines have tested N/N for the Ragdoll HCM mutation and we have written documentation of such testing.

Our kittens have the sweet, baby doll face that is characteristic of a RagaMuffin kitten. We work with many colors and produce kittens in a rainbow of colors. Mink kittens, including natural mink, blue mink, red mink, sable, mink torti, sable tortie, shaded silver, brown tabby, silver tabby and smoke RagaMuffin kittens are all available at Kaerik Rags.

Since RagaMuffin cats mature more slowly than many breeds, our RagaMuffin kittens are ready to be adopted between 14-16 weeks of age. This allows sufficient time for the kittens to be well socialized and ready to bond with their new families. All of our kittens come with a written health guarantee, have been examined by a licensed veterinarian, have been tested for FeLV and FIV, have been microchipped and have received all age appropriate vaccinations.

We take great delight in keeping in touch with adopters of our RagaMuffin kittens and we encourage them to share photos of their RagaMuffin kittens as they have matured. It gives us so much pleasure to see our kittens giving and getting so much love.

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Email: kaerikrags@verizon.net

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