LuvNMuffin RagaMuffins

Welcome to LuvNMuffin RagaMuffins! We are located in Atlanta, Georgia!


Our Goal is to breed the highest quality RagaMuffin cats and kittens with exceptional health and purrsonalities

Our RagaMuffins are Scanned and DNA Tested for the prevention of the Ragdoll Mutation of HCM

LuvNMuffin is 100% FeLV negative Cattery

We are a small cattery. Our kittens are raised underfoot where they have opportunities to be social and play with other cats and family member. We are members of the RagaMuffin Associated Group which commits to a code of ethics in our breeding programs and high standards for our catteries.

Our vet is located near by and is available to us seven days a week and cares for our kittens from the time they are born. All vaccines are of the highest quality produced by Merial and are Modified Live vaccines, administered by our vet. Each kitten is tested for Feline Aids and Leukemia. Prior to leaving each kitten has a final exam and receives a health certificate to take to their new home.

We feed strictly the healthiest diet which is Life's Abundance dry food along with our home made raw diet to give them a very healthy start in life. They drink only Distilled water which has had Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygene Solution added to keep their teeth in good health. This product is 60% as effective as brushing.

Only the best for our kittens here at LuvNMuffin. We urge you to feed Life's Abundance and will extend the warranty for three years on your kittens if they are fed this premium food.

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