RagaMuffin Cat World

Welcome to RagaMuffin Cat World! We are located in Townsend, Tennessee!

The “Teddy Bear” of the cat world, rare, puppy like, coats that feel like a Rabbit’s fur, so soft you won’t want to stop, but most of all their sweet appearance and their totally sweet and loving nature to humans. They love kids and are great with other animals.

We are glad you are here and hope you are as excited about the RagaMuffin Cat and RagaMuffin Kittens as we are. You will see why we found them too hard to resist and just had to have one. No, we had to have two. No, we had to be more invested than that with these adorable cats so we worked hard to become proud RagaMuffin Breeders of this cat breed which is “Truly A Cat Like No Other! “

As a member of the RagaMuffin Associated Group Breeders and the RagaMuffin Kittens United Group we are required to abide by a Code of Ethics to ensure to have the RagaMuffin Cats and RagaMuffin Kittens stay true to the breed and ensure you are adopting a RagaMuffin Cat. Our cats are tested for FeLV, FIV and HCM. Our ragamuffin cats are registered with ACFA and CFA.

RagaMuffin kittens are a trusting cat which loves people, children and other animals and will want
to be the center of attention and in the middle of all the action.

The only thing more fun than one RagaMuffin Kitten —–is two RagaMuffin Kittens!

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