Cocker Spaniel Breeders

Featured Breeder Toy Box Cockers

American Cocker Spaniel Breeders

  2. JDB's Julies Cocker Spaniels (Colorado)
  3. Stanfield Farms (Florida)
  4. Encore Cockers (Florida)
  5. Toybox Cockers (Florida)
  6. Shady Acre Kennels (Georgia)
  7. Rockhaven Cockers (Georgia)
  8. Simply Southern Kennel (Georgia)
  9. Daisymead English Cocker Spaniels (Illinois)
  10. Classy Country Cockers (Illinois)
  11. Coventon Kennels (Illinois)
  12. B & C Kennels (Illinois)
  13. Wunderland's Cockers (Indiana)
  14. CM Cocker Pups (Indiana)
  15. JusWright Cockers (Indiana)
  16. Chris-Di's Cockers (Iowa)
  17. Mud River Cockers  (Kentucky)
  18. Glasscock's Cocker Spaniels, Toy Poodles and Cockapoos (Louisiana)
  19. Acadia's Cockers (Louisiana)
  20. All American Cocker Spaniels Louisiana (Louisiana)
  21. DD Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers (Louisiana)
  22. Seasyde Champions (Massachusetts)
  23. Precious Pets Kennel (Michigan)
  24. Livingstone Kennels (Minnesota)
  25. St. Francis River Bottom Canines (Missouri)
  26. Julre Kennels (Missouri)
  27. Silver Moon Cockers (Missouri)
  28. Cocker-Spaniel Lovers (Missouri)
  29. Stargazer Kennel (Montana)
  30. Royale Cocker Kennel (New Hampshire)
  31. Max Cockers (New Jersey)
  32. Weems Family Kenn (New Mexico)
  33. High Calling Cockers (New York)
  34. Moondrop Gardens (New York)
  35. NYC Cockers Place (New York)
  36. Sportsman's Kennels (New York)
  37. Take A Chance Puppies (North Carolina)
  38. Mayberry Cockers (North Carolina)
  39. LKB Cockers (North Carolina)
  40. Absolute Gun Dogs (North Dakota)
  41. Oahe Kennels (North Dakota)
  42. Riegelz Cockers (Ohio)
  43. Lake Erie Cocker Spaniels (Ohio)
  44. Stone Bridge Puppies (Pennsylvania)
  45. Martin's Double E Kennel (Pennsylvania)
  46. Twin Creek Farm and Spaniels (South Carolina)
  47. Fossil Ridge Kennel (Texas)
  48. Kirby Mountain Kennels (Vermont)
  49. Mountainside Cocker Spaniels (Virginia)
  50. Penny Lane Cocker Spaniel Puppies (Wisconsin)