Australian Shepherd Diet

What Should I Feed My Australian Shepherd Dog? 

.A little About Australian Shepherds
Australian Shepherds need quality protein in their diet. However, not all fat and protein are the same. It’s crucial that these nutrients come from high-quality ingredients. You can provide an abundance of protein for your dog, but unless it is from a quality source, his body cannot use it efficiently. Always make sure real meat is the first ingredient and that the food is all natural, grain free and holistic. No cheap fillers, sugars, sweeteners, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Why is fat important 
Fat is an essential energy source for your Australian Shepherd and should comprise at least eight percent of the diet for puppies and five percent for adults. It also adds taste and appeal to their food. Additionally, the fats containing omega-3 and omega-6 are an excellent source of fatty acids that provide support for your Australian Shepherd’s heart, coat, and skin.  Also, contact us below to learn which brands of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil will drastically help reduce shedding as well.

Special nutritional requirements 
Ideally, a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet for your Australian Shepherd features several meat proteins in the first few ingredients. Both whole meats and meat meals are ideals sources of protein. Whole meats include whole lamb, fish, beef, and chicken. We recommend an antioxidant rich formula. Taurine to support heart health. Balance of calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth. DHA to support brain development. Glucosamine for healthy joints. Prebiotics improve the digestive track and can reduce certain health issues down the road.


What Brand is Best
Diet and nutrition is probably one of the most important decisions you will make for your pet because it affects their long-term health, immune system, vital organs, condition of their teeth, coat and even affects their lifespan, so educate yourself and choose wisely.


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