English Springer Spaniel Diet

What Should I Feed My English Springer Spaniel?

.About English Springer Spaniels
The English Springer Spaniel originated as a gun dog to spring on game in the field; in fact, that is how he obtained his name. Athletic and versatile, he’s a great companion to have along on hiking or camping trips. A longtime favorite with sportsmen, the English Springer Spaniel is a lively, beautiful dog that also makes a wonderful family companion when given the proper amount of training and exercise he requires. English Springer Spaniels are intelligent, enthusiastic, and very eager to please. They have a great disposition and seem to have a playful sense of humor.


Feeding Recommendations 
We recommend that you feed your English Springer Spaniel one-and-a-half to two cups of high-quality, well-balanced, premium dry dog food daily, spread over two meals. English Springer Spaniels have notoriously delicate digestive systems and are prone to allergies, so make sure to avoid food that includes wheat, corn, or soy, as well as those with artificial preservatives, flavorings, or colors.


Nutritional Requirements
Your English Springer Spaniel’s nutritional requirements include a diet with a whole meat as the primary ingredient. Look for dog food that contains real meat, such as lamb, fish, turkey, beef, or chicken as the primary protein source. These should be listed first on the label containing all of food’s ingredients. Healthy carbohydrates such as oats, brown rice, and barley also contain additional protein for your English Springer Spaniel. Fats from flax seed and safflower should also be included in his food to provide energy. Fruits and vegetables provide good sources of fiber. Seborrhea, a condition that can cause an oily coat and flaky, itchy skin is a genetic condition for many English Springer Spaniels. Look for dog food formulas that contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids to help ease the condition.


What Brand is Best
Diet and nutrition is probably one of the most important decisions you will make for your pet because it affects their long-term health, immune system, vital organs, condition of their teeth, coat and even affects their lifespan, so educate yourself and choose wisely.


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