Greyhound Diet

What Should I Feed My Greyhound?

About Greyhounds
Greyhounds, hunting dogs originally bred to chase deer, foxes, and hare, can reach speeds between 40 and 45 miles per hour. They made a name for themselves as racing dogs and, not surprisingly, still race today. They also participate in many other dog sports, such as agility, conformation, lure coursing, and obedience. In addition to their speed and grace, they are loved for their mild, sweet nature. Greyhounds most likely originated in Egypt, and historic figures from Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth I of England were captivated by them. Their support led to Greyhound racing being christened the Sport of Queens.


Feeding Recommendations
We recommend feeding your greyhound twice a day. Depending on your adult Greyhound dog's weight, start with two-and-a-half cups in the morning and two-and-a-half cups in the evening. Adding about a quarter cup of water to dry food allows it soften so it is easier to digest. Make sure not to overfeed your Greyhound, because extra weight causes his heart and lungs to overwork and also adds to arthritis problems later. Always choose an all-natural, grain-free, holistic formula without corn, wheat, soy, preservatives, or artificial colors and flavors. No matter what you decide to feed, read the labels and choose only high-quality dog food. Soy, wheat, or corn as main ingredients fills your dog up but provides no nutritional value. It also causes a lot of allergies in Greyhounds.


Nutritional Requirements
Make sure to consider the unique nutritional needs of greyhounds; they have different requirements, and you do not want to contribute to kidney failure in your Greyhound by serving high protein food. Real meat should be listed first on the ingredient label, followed by vegetables and fruits. Regardless of the brand you choose, do not feed any products contain lamb because lamb protein is too difficult for Greyhounds to breakdown by the liver of greyhounds. It can lead to lethargy and vomiting.


What Brand is Best
Diet and nutrition is probably one of the most important decisions you will make for your pet because it affects their long-term health, immune system, vital organs, condition of their teeth, coat and even affects their lifespan, so educate yourself and choose wisely.



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